2016-03-14Souper #72


The last Monday in February, we have delicious dinner at restaurant Huson with Nathalie de Vries (architect / partner MVRDV) and Rients Dijkstra (urban designer/ partner MAXWAN).

The discussion focused on the 'Public architect’. Nathalie as former Government Advisor on Rail Infrastructure and now as president of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA), Rients as Government Advisor on Infrastructure and Urbanism and Professor of Urban Design at the Delft University of Technology have extensive experience performing functions in the social field. They told us build bridges between market players, research institutions and public organizations is no easy task. Confidence in architects and urban designers is shockingly low.

Clear this evening that confidence can not be restored to the way we are now working within the disciplines. The 'Public architect' has the difficult task to connect with all other parties in the chain. An even tougher task is to open her own profession to the outside world.

2015-11-02Souper #69


Architect Rianne Makkink (partner Studio Makking & Bey) and landscape architect Patrick Mc Cabe (partner REDscape) (partner Redscape) have both a broad oeuvre in which own roots and context are prominent. In October, they sat at our table at restaurant Huson.

The interventions in the landscape of Rianne and her working farm in the Noordoostpolder show that on a relatively small scale, a special relationship can be established between man and environment. Patrick works in the Netherlands and his native Ireland to urban and rural retirements. He explains that the history of a place and the existing heritage can be a regular part even in relatively large and abstract plans.

Rianne and Patrick travel each a lot. They live and work both in several places. It is very amazing that they still managed to create strikingly intense involvement at each single assignment. This requires a lot of astonished knowledge, empathic and affection. All these qualities were evident during the pleasant supper.

Daan Bakker (Daf-architecten), Jeroen de Willigen (DeZwarteHond), Jasper de Haan (architect) and I invite each month a number of colleagues to eat, drink and discuss about our profession, the city of Rotterdam and related matters.

2015-06-18Workshop Telychka


Telychka is an industrial area of 200 hectares and is located in Ukraine between the Dnieper River and the historical city centre of Kiev. A large part of this industrial area is no longer in use. The economic activities that take place run on aging plants and are located in dilapidated buildings. Last month I visited the international architecture festival CANactions and I accompanied a workshop on the future of this area under the title ' Telychka-A Place to Care '.

Read blog at site De Architect . Jun 18, 2015.

2015-01-26The future city is already there


Transformation of building is not possible in a dogmatic way of financing, application of traditional technique and strict design method. Property owners, builders and designers needs a different attitude. Not value in the short term, but the long-term value is decisive. Not a building system is the starting point, but the existing building dictates the construction method. Architects must release the modernist adage: form follows function is now (possible) functions follows form.

Article in collaboration with Paul Diederen. Published in Renda, January 2015. Text only in Dutch

2014-02-07Souper #51


The guests for the first Souper in 2014 were Urban designer Peter van der Helm and architect Jeroen Hoorn. Both gentlemen have extensive knowledge about Rotterdam. Peter on the urban tissue and the program of the city. Jeroen designed for privat clients and small developers many small projects in the city. Discussion was this evening on how to transform Rotterdam carefully into a beautiful lived city by handling the tissue with its existing buildings with love. Peter and Jeroen tells us how buildings, streets, neighbourhoods can be upgraded with a minimum breaking force

Souper #1 Monday, January 27th was exactly five years ago. The guest list is growing steadily and we have the idea that we are far from finished eating. We will have no more food in restaurant in the renovated Town Hall Hilton Hotel. The food was nothing special and the service was really bad

Daan Bakker (Daf-architecten), Jeroen de Willigen (DeZwarteHond), Jasper de Haan (architect) and I invite each month a number of colleagues to eat, drink and discuss about our profession, the city of Rotterdam and related matters.