2017-09-01Souper #87


Last Monday of August, Landscape Architect Steven Delva (Delva Landscape Architects) and Marco Broekman (Marco Broekman Urbanism Research) joined us in Restaurant Huson.

Steven and Marco each have a portfolio of fantastic projects, interesting studies, impressive strategies. Obviously, they simply switch between designer, researcher and spatial strategic thinker. It is therefore not strange that they won various competitions in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht for the development of new neighborhoods or transformation of existing industrial areas into bustling city districts.

In addition to all these roles, they are also entrepreneurs. Steven hires a part of his office in Amsterdam as a luxury Bed & Breakfast and Marco regularly seeks strategic partnerships with (inter)national parties to expand his work. Started in time of crisis they have both solid office by using the right knowledge and skills. Respect!

2014-07-02Souper #56


Government relations advisor Marcel Douw (partner at Total Identity) and graphic designer Marco Stout (Director and Founder Stout Kramer, visual communication agency) were our guests on Monday, June 30th at restaurant Huson.

Identity, branding and communication were the themes of the evening. Marcel as Director of Total Public extensive experience with the (semi) public sector. The clientele of Marco consists largely of organizations working in the architecture industry and cultural sector. Both have experience to work on spatial tasks with their knowledge.

The public domain is the common playing field on our dining table. Project lead time, tools and the size of the final products are totally different. The evening was a sort of crash course in communication and customer approach for us as architects and urbanists.

Daan Bakker (Daf-architecten), Jeroen de Willigen (DeZwarteHond), Jasper de Haan (architect) and I invite each month a number of colleagues to eat, drink and discuss about our profession, the city of Rotterdam and related matters.

2013-10-11Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2013


A hundred films that deal with architecture or interfaces with it will be screened in In the Rotterdam cinema LantarenVenster from 10 to 13 October.

A few tips:
Haus Tugendhat
How do you deal with masterpieces that have fallen into disuse? Do you leave the traces of time visible when renovating or restoring such works or do you endeavour to restore everything as it was once intended? The film tells the story of the difficult struggle in the twenty-first century of the Tugendhat heirs to give this cadavre exquis, designed by Mies van der Rohe, a new lease of life. It resulted in the building as Mies once intended it, but is everyone pleased with this?

Unfinished italy
Italy is the Walhalla of ruins, historical and modern. According to the filmmaker, “the unfinished” has been the most prominent architectural style in Italy since World War II. A theatre that has never had a public, a stadium where no game has ever been played, all languishing in their unfinished state. A report of a fascination with, as well as a quest for, a use for these “UFOs in the landscape”.

This Space Available
Billboards and commercial messages dominate the public space as never before. Renovation projects are seldom without gigantic advertising boards and vacant display windows are successfully leased as “shopvertising”. It is visual pollution, but can this be reversed? This documentary looks at diverse activists from the world of advertising, street art and politics. It focuses on the tense retationship between the two-dimensional, visual attention, the urban economy and social coherence in the city.

16 Acres
Poignant documentary about the emotionally-charged construction site of the WTC towers in New York. The reconstruction of Ground Zero is the most complex regeneration project in the history of America: architecturally, politically and emotionally. Since inception the project was burdened by controversies, delays and political intrigue. The conflict lasted more than ten years, with nineteen state agencies involved, a dozen or so projects and more than twenty billion dollars in costs. The good thing is that this entire process was filmed. 16 Acres is the story of the last ten years on this emotionally-charged construction site, told by the major players in this drama. A must-see for every planner.

The fascinating account by filmmaker Jeroen Visser about the once-applauded, but rapidly-abused Bijlmermeer in Amsterdam. On completion in the late sixties the estate was called the apotheosis of Dutch public housing. A neighbourhood that would bring happiness to tens of thousands of poorly-housed Amsterdammers. But the neighbourhood was quickly criticised owing to its huge scale, inhospitable atmosphere and lack of security. The Kleiburg block is the pars pro toto where glory, decline and cautious resurrection are visible.

The Human Scale
In 1971 Jan Gehl wrote his bible Life Between Buildings and now, forty years later, there is the film. The documentary shows how his bureau advises people how to make urban areas and public space “liveable”. His plea meets with approval among politicians and inhabitants, who miss a human approach to the street in other architects’ work. His projects in Melbourne, Dhaka, New York, Chongqing and Christchurch are reviewed. An entertaining film about this “cosy” urban design.

In this film Thom Andersen (Los Angeles Plays itself) seeks the essence of Souto de Moura’s architecture, Pritzker prize-winner and designer of the Braga football stadium, among others. Hardly a “talking head” to be seen in this film, instead, many breathtaking images of seventeen buildings and unfinished projects by this impressive architect.

See full program: www.affr.nl

2013-09-04Souper #46


Writer Sanneke van Hassel and photographer Jannes Linders were our guests on Monday August 26. The city plays with its inhabitants and users plays an important role in the work Sanneke and Jannes. As setting for a touching scene. As machine for entertainment. As a pleasant place to live. As a ruthless workplace. With a sharp pen or a intense image they are trying to make. contemporary urban life for us to understand. The warm summer evening on the sidewalk for restaurant Huson was a pleasant backdrop to listen how they think and work.

Daan Bakker (Daf-architecten), Jeroen de Willigen (DeZwarteHond), Jasper de Haan (architect) and I invite each month a number of colleagues to eat, drink and discuss about our profession, the city of Rotterdam and related matters.

2012-09-30Souper #37


The last Monday in September was reserved for Hester scheurwater and Mischa van Teeffelen. Both ladies are performing artist. Hester is her own subject and Micha combines food with theater. The dynamics of physical performances is in strong contrast to the static nature of architecture, but occasionally we were a little quiet by that much of self-expression.

Restaurant Huson has now also round tables. This is a much better setting for our meetings.

Daan Bakker (Daf-architecten), Jeroen de Willigen (DeZwarteHond), Jasper de Haan (architect) and I invite each month a number of colleagues to eat, drink and discuss about our profession, the city of Rotterdam and related matters.