2019-10-01Souper #103

Souper #103

Petra Rutten (Frame Vastgoed ) and Hilde Blank (BVR , AM concepts ) were our guests on the last Monday of September. We had an interesting evening about the city, urban development and especially people who make it. We also had a wonderful evening. The dishes at restaurant The Walk’in Fish were delicious.

In her position as director of Housing at Frame Vastgoed, Petra is working on the inner city assignment of Rotterdam. As an investor and developer, Frame commits to areas in the city for the long term. With its own service company, Frame also handles a large number of management and maintenance tasks. Petra aims is to make the city of Rotterdam better at all levels.

As director of BVR, Hilde is involved in major spatial assignments throughout the Netherlands. Her clients are mainly government organizations. The company slogan is: “We bring air into complex spatial tasks and design catchy spatial finds.” In her role as director AM concepts, she works on innovative area concepts with in-house urban planners, architects and landscape architects from AM.

Petra and Hilde are both strongly socially involved. They see the search for connections between public and private interests as an important task in their daily activities. The value, quality and future of the public domain was therefore a prominent topic for discussion this evening.