2019-06-28Souper #102

Souper #102

Four nice guests for our dinner at the end of June Kristiaan Borret (stadbouwmeester in Brussel), Peter Vanden Abeele (stadsbouwmeester in Gent), Erik Pasveer (Stadsbouwmeester in Den Haag) and Ton Schaap (among other jobs supervisor Zuidas and city urban planner in Enschede). Jeroen de Willigen was one of the hosts this evening and he is a city architect in Groningen. A table full of men with a complicated, responsible job in their own city.

Kristiaan, Peter, Erik and Ton frankly talked about their public role, relation to politics and what tools they have to improve their city and make it more beautiful. Every city has its own political culture, economy, spatial structure and history. And every city has different spatial challenges. By naming the similarities and differences between the differences in Brussels, Ghent, The Hague, Amsterdam, Enschede and Groningen, the complexity of their work became clear.

It was a very nice evening in which our guests talked with love about the city and urban developments. Kristiaan, Peter, Erik and Ton perform their duties with great alertness and with great care. Step by step they make their city better. I wish every city a good city architect.