2018-09-01Souper #96

Souper #96

Entrepreneur Sabine Biesheuvel (algemeen directeur Bluecity) and wetenschapper Jan Willem van der Schans (Wageningen Economic Research) joined us at restaurant Huson in late August.

Sabine studied anthropology at the UVA and then worked as a senior social business consultant. She is one of the initiators and managing director of Bluecity 'a swimming pool full of possibilities, a playground for circular companies, where we head off with brains, balls, guts and fun on an economy in which waste does not exist'. She has enormous experience in setting up structures that increase social impact and lead to an interesting business.

Jan Willem studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam and at The London School of Economics. He is a senior business researcher at Wageningen Economic Research (the former Agricultural Economics Institute). Jan Willem combines scientific knowledge with practical projects and vice versa. He often works with policy officials at local and provincial level, but also with entrepreneurs in the food network from producer to consumer to shorten chains and make it more on demand.

Ideology, science and business alternate in the conversation in relation to circular economy, sustainability, food and urban development. Willem told us that scientists and entrepreneurs have trouble with each other. He functions between these areas. He must always be accountable on both sides. New developments are emerging, but it takes a long time. Sabine proves that ideology and entrepreneurship go well together. Bluecity is a smart concept with a careful execution and, not unimportant, the pleasure that the people involved have with the project. Intelligence, perseverance and patience are the three most important qualities of Sabine and Jan Willem.