2018-07-01Souper #95

Souper #95

Landscape architects Deborah Lambert (Felixx) and Harro de Jong (Buro Harro) visited us at the end of June.

With landscape architects you already have a good evening in advance. They are broadly oriented, intelligent and incredibly nice. Deborah and Harro confirm this picture and in restaurant Huson we have a nice conversation at a nice dinner.
The approach of both studios differs greatly. Felixx is very internationally oriented. Deborah often participates with its agency in international design teams. They also win a tender with some regularity. They tackle large themes such as energy and the water issue with ambitious design solutions. They investigate landscape architecture as a pragmatic utopian practice

Harro works with Buro Harro just (almost) only in the Netherlands and he is more of the action in the here and now. After a sharp analysis and a clear concept, he prefers to immediately start creating places that give more meaning to the public domain or a private living environment. His involvement with his projects goes far. With a lot of energy and enthusiasm he also initiates his own projects in and around his home base Arnhem.

In our urbanizing world, the significance of a landscape architect is increasing. It was interesting to hear how Deborah and Harro convincingly claim this role with sustainable, functional and beautiful living environments.