2017-12-16Souper #90

Souper #90

The last supper of 2017 did not go as we hoped. We were pleased with Hans Ibelings The Architecture Observer) and Ed Taverne (emeritus professor of history of architecture and urban design at the University of Groningen). Hans was there on time out of the cold Canada. Ed unfortunately did not manage to travel from Groningen to Rotterdam on last December 11. Canadian weather affected the country. A lot of snow makes highways and railways impassable.

The large amounts of snow outside also gave us a reason to let Hans update us on Canada. I always think that this country is an ideal combination of the good from America and Europe, but nothing is less true. Hans told us with relevant details about life in this immense country. The country is more capitalistic and less social than you think you see from a distance.

Hans has been away from the Netherlands for a while, but he keeps a close eye on our architectural field in the Netherlands. He sees things from a distance sharp and gave a clear analysis on the architectural climate here, the decline of the institutions involved and possible causes. We tried to indicate exactly where and when this started. At the same time, he put the problems into perspective. In Canada, nothing really interesting happens in the field of urban design and architecture he assured us.

With Ed, we undoubtedly had more about the current discourse within the Dutch architecture world and more about their common interest in Eastern Europe. I did not want to miss the short course on Canada.