2017-03-01Souper #82

Souper #82

Journalist Kirsten Hannema (Volkskrant) and architect Marius Grootveld (Veldwerk Architects) were our guest during the Souper in February. They are extremely well versed in the differences, similarities and hopefully synergy between the architectural climate in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. A nice topic to talk about.

Kirsten is the architecture critic of a Dutch newspaper, is the editor of the yearbook of architecture, writes and researches more. She caused a stir with her article about an exhibition in Frankfurt which was made by our second gues Marius. The article gave a sharp analysis of the current state of the Dutch (dying) and Flemish (very exciting) architectural discourse.

Marius is a Dutch architect with an office in Belgium. He documents buildings, publishes stories and curator of exhibitions. His last exhibition - Tailor-made, an overview of Dutch and Flemish architecture - in the German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt caused considerable commotion.

The general architecture enormous historical and theoretical knowledge of Kirsten and Marius and specific ideas of what our profession should be about makes this evening very interesting.