2016-11-01Souper #79

Souper #79

Gallery owner Bob Smit (Bob Smit Gallery) and catering entrepreneur Mark Kuipers (MONO) told us the end of October how to pioneer in special places in Rotterdam. We had a very nice conversation with two driven city makers.

Bob sees his work as a gallerist very dynamic. He moved his gallery regularly and organizes annual art fairs. Object Rotterdam and Raw Art Fair take place in unusual places in the city such as the Fenixloods and former warehouse Santos at Katendrecht. With his enthusiasm, he is able to interest a large number of gallery owners and attract many visitors to its events. Bob works without subsidies and he shows that especially good entrepreneurship creates special (temporary) meeting places in the city.

Mark moved two year from Arnhem to Rotterdam. In Arnhem he had a successful café ande restaurant, but he was ready for a new adventure in another city. Rotterdam was for him a logical choice. The dynamics of the city triggers him. The mentality of the inhabitants he likes very much. He opened in early 2016 a new restaurant and bar in the Zomerhof district. Mark creates with a combination of good food, art viewing and listening to music not only an exceptional restaurant quality, but he also gives the neighbourhood a boost.