2016-10-01Souper #78

Souper #78

Floris Cornelisse (HappelCornelisseVerhoeven) and Jan Peter Wingener (WINHOV) came to tell the end of September on their quest for innovation from architecture itself. The evening was not so much about their projects, but they told frankly about the meaning of (rational) architecture in the future.

Floris and Jan Peter are together with Job Floris and Hans van der Heijden the Rats. They do not see themselves as a collective or ideological movement, which binds them is a great fondness for architectural traditions and precedents, the realization process, studying and integrating materiality and thinking about the city and the question of the positioning of the architecture.

Actively seeking a relationship with the construction work as an architect by linking to mediate and translate this world is very brave. Find a new meaning to a tradition deserves much appreciation. For Conceptualism that dominates the architecture in the Netherlands since the nineties it was totally interesting.

Searching for an entirely different relationship to the tradition and execution is very complicated, we noticed this evening. Floris and Jan Peter took us in their thoughts and doubts. This led to a very intense evening.