2015-06-10Souper #65

Souper #65

Our last Souper was with two energetic guests Steven Manhave (Manhave Vastgoed) and Léon van Geest (moderator and entrepreneur). Both gentlemen program the city on their own way, but with the same intentions. They want to make Rotterdam a better city.

The similarities and differences between Steven and Léon were interesting. Their current work seem so logical, but is not aware mapped so. What they achieved so far is by much experience. They talk very seriously about their profession. The differences are mainly in how they work in the city. Steven tries with the right mix of program, good maintenance and good service to achieve a steady return. This results in attractive that housing, working or shopping areas. Léon tries with events, temporary programming, to show an original view on the city. As moderator, he also has a binding factor between all stakeholders in the city.

Steven and Léon work with pleasure and gogme to change the existing city. The impact of their approach and attitude generates lasting qualities for the city. They are constantly seeking an appropriate response to the changed economic, social and cultural conditions. At the same time they work on continuity. Building by building, street by street, block by block, neighbourhood by neighbourhood they make the existing city better.

The cuisine and the wines at restaurant Huson again were delightful.