2017-10-01Soupet #88


The last Monday of September were two consultants as guests Erick Haag (Haag Supply Management) and Erik Tetteroo (APPM Management Consultants). In restaurant Huson a relatively new world opened for us.

Erick and Erik have both followed a design education in Delft. Erick Industrial Design and Erik Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture. They found the processes in the design subject more interesting than creating new products and environments. We talked about the professional adviser in relation to designer. After this evening, I certainly do know these two different professions needs each other. An architectural or urban design is not always the solution of a problem. A process sometimes requires imagination to understand its impact. I believe that an ingenious plan arises from a brilliant process.

Erick now focuses on energy and supply chain of companies, and Erik is a specialist in bicycle mobility. Both say that they do not design anymore, but these subjects determine the layout of the future city in great measure. That cannot be a coincidence.

2016-11-01Souper #79


Gallery owner Bob Smit (Bob Smit Gallery) and catering entrepreneur Mark Kuipers (MONO) told us the end of October how to pioneer in special places in Rotterdam. We had a very nice conversation with two driven city makers.

Bob sees his work as a gallerist very dynamic. He moved his gallery regularly and organizes annual art fairs. Object Rotterdam and Raw Art Fair take place in unusual places in the city such as the Fenixloods and former warehouse Santos at Katendrecht. With his enthusiasm, he is able to interest a large number of gallery owners and attract many visitors to its events. Bob works without subsidies and he shows that especially good entrepreneurship creates special (temporary) meeting places in the city.

Mark moved two year from Arnhem to Rotterdam. In Arnhem he had a successful café ande restaurant, but he was ready for a new adventure in another city. Rotterdam was for him a logical choice. The dynamics of the city triggers him. The mentality of the inhabitants he likes very much. He opened in early 2016 a new restaurant and bar in the Zomerhof district. Mark creates with a combination of good food, art viewing and listening to music not only an exceptional restaurant quality, but he also gives the neighbourhood a boost.

2015-06-10Souper #65


Our last Souper was with two energetic guests Steven Manhave (Manhave Vastgoed) and Léon van Geest (moderator and entrepreneur). Both gentlemen program the city on their own way, but with the same intentions. They want to make Rotterdam a better city.

The similarities and differences between Steven and Léon were interesting. Their current work seem so logical, but is not aware mapped so. What they achieved so far is by much experience. They talk very seriously about their profession. The differences are mainly in how they work in the city. Steven tries with the right mix of program, good maintenance and good service to achieve a steady return. This results in attractive that housing, working or shopping areas. Léon tries with events, temporary programming, to show an original view on the city. As moderator, he also has a binding factor between all stakeholders in the city.

Steven and Léon work with pleasure and gogme to change the existing city. The impact of their approach and attitude generates lasting qualities for the city. They are constantly seeking an appropriate response to the changed economic, social and cultural conditions. At the same time they work on continuity. Building by building, street by street, block by block, neighbourhood by neighbourhood they make the existing city better.

The cuisine and the wines at restaurant Huson again were delightful.

2015-01-26The future city is already there


Transformation of building is not possible in a dogmatic way of financing, application of traditional technique and strict design method. Property owners, builders and designers needs a different attitude. Not value in the short term, but the long-term value is decisive. Not a building system is the starting point, but the existing building dictates the construction method. Architects must release the modernist adage: form follows function is now (possible) functions follows form.

Article in collaboration with Paul Diederen. Published in Renda, January 2015. Text only in Dutch

2014-12-03Souper #60


Advisor Carol Hol (Concire - developer of area concepts) and lecturer/ researcher Tom Daamen (TU Delft - Architecture and the Built Environment - Real Estate and Housing) were our guests in the end of November. The theme of the evening was (the future of) integrated area development.

With the experience of Carol and the academic knowledge of Tom a broad spectrum of area development was covered. Stories versus figures. Attainability versus manufacturability. Both expertise are strangely enough needed for future small-scale developments. Errors from the past may not be repeated, and decisions are to be taken to the basis of transparent knowledge. We can conclude that in future projects program and tempo of development are issues and not profit economic maximization and a desired final image.

The Souper was at FG foodlabs located in Hofbogen, halfway ZOHO and Schieblock. Delicious food and new ways of developments are in any case well together.