2017-09-01Souper #87


Last Monday of August, Landscape Architect Steven Delva (Delva Landscape Architects) and Marco Broekman (Marco Broekman Urbanism Research) joined us in Restaurant Huson.

Steven and Marco each have a portfolio of fantastic projects, interesting studies, impressive strategies. Obviously, they simply switch between designer, researcher and spatial strategic thinker. It is therefore not strange that they won various competitions in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht for the development of new neighborhoods or transformation of existing industrial areas into bustling city districts.

In addition to all these roles, they are also entrepreneurs. Steven hires a part of his office in Amsterdam as a luxury Bed & Breakfast and Marco regularly seeks strategic partnerships with (inter)national parties to expand his work. Started in time of crisis they have both solid office by using the right knowledge and skills. Respect!

2017-05-01Souper #84


For interesting guests we like to travel to another city. For Roel Vos (former municipal official and politician) and philosopher/ journalist Annemarie Kok we moved our souper from Rotterdam to Groningen. Inspiring city. Nice people.

The way in which Groningen worked for the last fifty years seems to be exceptional and consistent. That did not happen without a fight. In the late sixties and the early seventies there was a big and radical change of perspective. The city and city renewal was looked at in a different way. Urban development was then used in a new way. Roel worked with the municipality and together with Max van de Berg he shaped this dynamic development of Groningen. Later he was a deputy at the province and director of the Blauwe Stad.

Annemarie has recently written an interesting essay about the role of politics and politicians in the city. Shortly, without relying on her nuanced essay, she advocates a proactive attitude of politicians. This means absolutely not a municipality that facilitate. This fashionable jargon means in practice a government that does not want to take responsibility, is not caring about their inhabitants and has no vision at all. A politic movement that puts politicians out of the way and connects citizens against their sense does not strengthen civilisation. It just affects society.

With Roel as a practitioner and Annemarie as a scientist we spoke about the past and discussed about the city of Groningen today. In restaurant De Pijp it became evident that the specific lessons from Groningen are particularly valuable for thinking about and making the future city in general.

2015-11-02Souper #69


Architect Rianne Makkink (partner Studio Makking & Bey) and landscape architect Patrick Mc Cabe (partner REDscape) (partner Redscape) have both a broad oeuvre in which own roots and context are prominent. In October, they sat at our table at restaurant Huson.

The interventions in the landscape of Rianne and her working farm in the Noordoostpolder show that on a relatively small scale, a special relationship can be established between man and environment. Patrick works in the Netherlands and his native Ireland to urban and rural retirements. He explains that the history of a place and the existing heritage can be a regular part even in relatively large and abstract plans.

Rianne and Patrick travel each a lot. They live and work both in several places. It is very amazing that they still managed to create strikingly intense involvement at each single assignment. This requires a lot of astonished knowledge, empathic and affection. All these qualities were evident during the pleasant supper.

Daan Bakker (Daf-architecten), Jeroen de Willigen (DeZwarteHond), Jasper de Haan (architect) and I invite each month a number of colleagues to eat, drink and discuss about our profession, the city of Rotterdam and related matters.

2015-05-26Yesterday's labour city is tomorrow's residential city


Transformation of the postwar office property in Eindhoven

In the plans to transform the former office building Groene Toren and former headquarters of Philips Lighting, we have sought and found clues in the existing city. With programmatic adjustments, architectural enhancements and urban good embeddings we propose a careful and sustainable improvement of the city for. Postwar offices can be part of the history and future of the city.

Read item in Architectenweb #8, april 2015. Text only in Dutch.

2015-03-10Souper #62


Froukje van de Klundert (architect ONE Architecture) and Aglaee Degros (partner at Artgineering) where our guests at Souper #62. Make knowledge, Share knowledge and Capitalize knowledge where the conversation topics.

The work field of Froukje and Aglaee is located between commercial sector, knowledge centre and public institutions. They combine research and design, science and practice in a special way with each other. Cultural, economic and social aspects are an integral part of their work as a researcher and designer. However, the operating frequency in these various disciplines is totally different. How to make research relevant to design and design relevant research?

During the evening at restaurant Huson is the ambivalence between the realization of a assignment and the study of a task explored and discussed.