2018-11-30Souper #99

Souper #99

The last Monday of November was a supper with guests from Groningen. We ate at restaurant Huson in Rotterdam with architectural historian Cor Wagenaar (University of Groningen) and art and architecture historian Peter Michiel Schaap (Platform Gras).

Cor lives in Groningen and is professor History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism, Head of the Expertise Center Architecture, Urbanism and Health (a-u-h.eu) and Professor Thomassen à Thuessink Chair (Architecture, Urbanism & Health). Peter Michiel Schaap also lives in Groningen. He is coordinator at Platform GRAS. project manager, essayist and editor. He is the initiator and organizer of the large Building the Future of Health conference.

Both men know a lot about the relationship between architecture, urban design and health. But they also know a lot about the city of Groningen. With the Chief architect of Groningen at the table, the topic of conversation alternated between the healthy city and the emotional city. We did not stop talking. The evening ended in café Piek.

Daan Bakker (Daf-architecten), Jeroen de Willigen (DeZwarteHond), Jasper de Haan (architect) and I invite each month a number of colleagues to eat, drink and discuss about our profession, the city of Rotterdam and related matters.