2017-06-01Souper #85

Souper #85

The last Monday of May, Francien van Westrenen (Stroom) and Otto Trienekens (Veldacademie) joined us at restaurant Huson.

Francien van Westrenen is art and culture scientist and work as a curator architecture program the art center Stroom in The Hague. Stroom converts the imagination to enrich and clarify thinking about social issues and developments. For eleven years Stroom was also the local Architecture Centre. Although this role has now been taken over by Platform Stad, it does not prevent them from continuing with interesting activities.

Otto Trienekens is an architect of Vertex and has established the Veldacademie in collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam. The Veldacademie has years of experience in designing research into Rotterdam urban issues, in cooperation with education institutes. In the meantime, AIR Foundattion, the local Architecture Centre has also been withdrawn from them and closely cooperated with the public debate.

In a fascinating evening we learned how urban development through design research, art and public activities sometimes goes well with the municipality and sometimes not.