2017-02-01Souper #81

Souper #81

The year of the suppers has started with two interesting guests. The architects Molenaar (Molenaar & Co architects) and Ard Buijsen (Artisan architects) sat down at our table late January. We had only a single subject: De Kuip - Stadium Feyenoord.

Joris and where both busy with De Kuip. Joris is an expert architect Leendert van der Vlugt and is strongly committed to the renovation of the existing stadium. He is convinced that the modernized ancient stadium and can be extended. Ard is proponent of a new stadium. He is one of helmsmen behind the current plan of OMA.

We tried to reconstruct the process so far. It's an incredible story. The similarities between real estate and of football are great. Opportunism, fuzzy people and companies from exotic countries, unclear funding structures, half-truths and a huge gap between expectations and reality are common in both worlds. A good soccer stadium in all cases a secondary importance. First Joris was worried about this later and Ard.

About some things, they were quick to agree. All the old plans for the stadium renovation and construction, were desperately poor. The process has become a mess and communicating parties was often unbelievable bad.

This evening was cozy restaurant Huson. We had an interesting lesson design and politics.